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Vancouver Committee

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The PTC Vancouver committee is in charge of running our annual hackathon & (in-person) conference for high school and middle school students in Vancouver!

These roles are open to high school students based in Vancouver only. 



As a Regional Lead, you and your co-lead will be responsible for the regional team’s overall success throughout the operating year.

Your responsibilities will include...

  1. Setting the vision for the team

  2. Facilitating regular team meetings

  3. Delegating tasks

  4. Working closely with Portfolio Heads to lead Hackathon & Conference planning

  5. Meeting monthly with other regional leads


  • Demonstrated leadership qualities

  • Empathy and strong communication skills

  • Ability to take initiative

  • Willingness to help others

  • Interest in tech

Estimated Time Commitment: 

3-5 hours a week


As the Finance Officer, you’ll be in charge of your regional team’s finance and operations for the year. You’ll...

  • Manage the team budget for the operating year

  • Work closely with our CFO to complete bookkeeping and reimbursements

  • Set up and manage ticket sales and ticket sales strategy


  • Organization and attention to detail

  • Familiarity with or willingness to learn Google Sheets

Estimated Time Commitment: 

1-2 hours a week


As the Marketing Officer, you’ll be in charge of all things marketing for the regional team. Your responsibilities will include...

  • Developing a marketing plan for each event

  • Creating posts & maintaining the regional IG page

  • Working with the CMO and our Marketing Committee to produce region-specific content for our Tik Tok and other shared social media accounts


  • Strong graphic design skills

  • Familiarity with Instagram

Estimated Time Commitment: 

2-3 hours a week


As a Sponsorship Officer, you’ll play a critical role in the success of your region’s two events throughout the year. Throughout the operating year, you will focus on...

  • Spearheading the team’s sponsorship efforts

  • Negotiate venue and catering for the conference event

  • Draft email templates & sponsorship packages

  • Research sponsors

  • Work on grant applications


  • Strong oral and written communication skills

  • Prior sponsorship experience an asset

Estimated Time Commitment: 

2 hours a week


As the Logistics Officer, you’ll play a large role in shaping your region’s events. You will be in charge of...

  • Setting up each event’s schedule

  • Coordinating between your team and the core teams to organize event logistics

  • Overseeing the ambassadors in your region

  • Working closely with the Sponsorship Officer to lead venue and catering search


  • Highly motivated

  • Past leadership experiences

Estimated Time Commitment: 

3-4 hours a week

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