ui/ux workshop

by PTC Outreach

December 5

2 - 3:30 PM ET  |  Zoom

PTC Outreach will be hosting our UI/UX workshop on December 5th from 2-3:30PM EST. UI/UX stands for User Interface, User Experience and is becoming a hugely popular field within tech! If you’re interested in design, media, and want to start up a portfolio, this is the workshop for you! Learn about how designers in tech create the beautiful, accessible, and intuitive designs and interfaces you use on a daily basis.


The first half of the workshop will cover UI/UX fundamentals–so don’t worry if you don’t know anything about the field–and the second half will be presented by our speaker, Taha Hossain! Taha is a product designer who has interned at Facebook, Palantir and Konrad, and worked with Ueno, Voyage, Snapchat and yCombinator Startups. He is also working to start his own design studio. He will be talking about his experiences, how he got started (+ how you can too!), go over his portfolio, and answer any burning questions you may have about the field.

Guest Speaker

Taha Hossain

Product Designer - York University / Sheridan College (YSDN)


Interned at Facebook, Palantir and Konrad.

Worked with Ueno, Voyage, Snapchat and yCombinator Startups.



Starting own design studio.

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