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PTC's publications portfolio is comprised of three committees:

The Publications Core Committee consists of the Head of Publications and three other roles, the committee oversees the production of all the PTC Publications. Executive Producer leads the podcast committee; Senior Editor manages the release of our Newsletter; Design Coordinator creates graphics for our publications. The goal of the committee is to brainstorm and strategize engagement and growth for PTC Publications. 

The Podcast Committee is our production committee for PTC’s Podcast “In Query”. The committee releases 2 podcast episodes a month with different industry and student guests. Together, we want to offer a 360° view of what an education and career would look like in technology. Currently, our program consists of three types of content: 1) Various Industry Guests 2) Tech Entrepreneurs Guests 3) Tech Student Guests.  We hope to enrich aspiring tech professionals by helping them easily navigate through the opportunities in tech.  

The Newsletter Committee is our production committee for PTC’s Newsletter “The Array”. The committee works together to curate monthly newsletters throughout the year. Our goal as a committee is to break down interesting and trending topics in technology in simpler terms for our readers. We also feature a guest on our newsletter who discusses their experience in their field of work in technology. Overall, we hope to deliver digestible, relevant and fun content to anyone interested in technology. 


  • Oversee other members on our podcast committee

  • Seek industry guests for our program 

  • Make sure our podcast is publishing new content at a two-episode per month schedule

  • Research potential monetization for our program

  • Co-manage PTC Publications Instagram account with other members on the publications core team

  • Excellent leadership skills

  • Good communication skills, able to cold call/email guests

  • Connections within the tech industry is an asset

  • Knowledge of graphic design is an asset


  • Write and edit 800 - 1200 word article monthly on a topic in technology

  • Break down interesting and complex concepts in technology into understandable language

  • Communicate with research analyst to determine monthly topics  

  • Work with rest of the team to meet 2 articles per month publishing schedule 

  • Excellent writing skills 

  • Strong interest in technology

  • Good communications skills 

  • Experience in writing is considered an asset


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