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The Podcast Committee is our production committee for PTC’s Podcast “In Query”. The committee releases 2 podcast episodes a month with different industry and student guests. Together, we want to offer a 360° view of what an education and career would look like in technology. Currently, our program consists of three types of content: 1) Various Industry Guests 2) Tech Entrepreneurs Guests 3) Tech Student Guests.  We hope to enrich aspiring tech professionals by helping them easily navigate through the opportunities in tech.  


  • Oversee other members on our podcast committee

  • Seek industry guests for our program 

  • Make sure our podcast is publishing new content at a two-episode per month schedule

  • Research potential monetization for our program

  • Co-manage PTC Publications Instagram account with other members on the publications core team

  • Excellent Leadership Skills

  • Strong communication skills, able to cold call/email guests

  • Connections within the tech industry is an asset


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