Your Data, Big Data

On February 8th, 2020, PTC Ottawa hosted just over 60 youth at "Your Data, Big Data," a one-day conference for students on #BigData.

This conference had our most exciting lineup to date, featuring four speakers and a panel in the morning, followed by three workshops to choose from and an insightful career development session in the afternoon!

KEYNOTE I • Jim Provost

Jim Provost, a lead data scientist at Lixar IT, gave an insightful presentation delineating the many patterns that AI is able to detect out of sets of data and its limitations, as well as the many types of projects data scientists in general embark throughout their job. Jim also participated as a panelist and effectively answered many of the student questions pertaining to his type of work, experience and advice for anyone interested in pursuing data science as a career.

Keynote II • Jesse Lung

Jesse Lung is a Data Science Manager at one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies, Shopify. Mr. Lung gave an encaptivating presentation on his experiences at Shopify along with the key aspects of Data Science needed for any student.

Keynote III • Prof. Majumdar

Dr. Majumdar gave a fantastic presentation entitled “A Lot of Data - Too Little Time,” in which he explained how we can analyze large amounts of data with current technology.

Keynote IV • Alexa Liaskovski

Alexa Liakovski is a 3rd year student at Carleton University; she has done internships across North America with companies like Blackberry, Shopify, and Square. Alexa’s presentation focused on the ins and outs of co-ops and internships from how to get them to how to succeed during your time working.


To finish off our morning session, we were joined by three wonderful panelists, Jim Provost from Lixar IT, and Ranya Mohamed and Hatem Abou-zeid from Ericsson Ottawa. Read more about them:

Jim Provost

Jim Provost is the lead data scientist at Lixar IT. He has over 20 years of experience contributing to software and business development, especially within the scope of AI and Big Data! Jim works and analyzes lots of data, and helps provide insights into what that data shows like determining how well a person can drive just by monitoring their acceleration and braking.