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Welcome to VR

Through PTC Ottawa's Welcome to VR: Simulations in Game Development workshop, attendees were able to explore the world of virtual reality! This workshop was led by William Qin, a Software Engineering student from the University of Waterloo, who gave an in-depth explanation and step-by-step guide on Unity to create a game on our computers right from the comfort of our homes! 

Missed out on this workshop? Check out the full recording below:

About the workshop director

William Qin is a 1st-year software engineering student at the University of Waterloo and is currently on co-op working at Spatial, a leading startup in the field of remote collaboration in augmented and virtual reality! He is adept in a variety of languages such as Java, Python, C++, and C# to name a few.

He channels his incredible talents towards his passion for software engineering, having built a motion tracking and graphing app, a drone that can survey an area for heat map data, and several FIRST robots.

On top of that, William is an avid Unity developer who uses the software for creating games and virtual reality simulations. In particular, his CPR simulation developed at the UofTHacks IV Hackathon ranked in the Top 10 out of 80 teams!

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