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Introducing the team behind projecttechconferences.com!

Vivien Shen

Chief Technology Officer

Vivien is an Interactive Multimedia and Design student at Carleton University. She has various experiences with digital media and design. She is able to relate to those who are curious about technology but are struggling with adapting to the technical world, due to her background in a high school visual arts program. While discovering more and more charms of technology, she hopes to share it with more people through working in PTC. When she is free, she enjoys time spending alone at home reading, watching fun videos and sketching. She also loves hanging out with friends at a bubble tea shop and going out for some nice photoshoots around the city.

Nicole Ao

Graphic Designer

Nicole is a grade 9 student attending Merivale high school. Starting from a young age she has always enjoyed the concept of visual art and graphic designing and was intrigued by the fascinating world of colours, exotic shapes, and artistic perceptions. During her free time, she indulges in journalling activities and enjoys creating collage pieces from magazine cutouts. Besides designing, Nicole engages in active activities such as fencing and fitness and is constantly accompanied by relaxing tunes. Nicole is excited to explore her passion alongside PTC and is eager to help students familiarize with the idea of technology!


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