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Waterloo | Y3

Meet our Y3 PTC Waterloo Executive Team!

Claire Cheng


Claire is a Grade 12 student at Preston High School who is interested in pursuing business or law. In her spare time, Claire likes to watch Netflix, make/eat food, and workout.

Teresa Yu


Teresa is a Gr 12 student at Preston High School who hopes to pursue engineering as a career. After attending multiple hackathons throughout the year, she found coding as a new passion. In her free time, she likes to jam to Taylor Swift, play piano, and watch anime.

Matthew Matta

Sponsorships Director

Matthew is a current grade 12 student attending Sir John A Macdonald Secondary School. He is an avid tech enthusiast, with experience and curiosity in computer science, robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Outside of school, Matthew enjoys playing sports with his friends, as well as bike riding and reading books.

Sohil Athare

Logistics Director

Sohil is a grade 11 student at SJAM in Waterloo. He loves doing cool projects, coding, and designing! He also loves travelling the world since it allows him to explore new cultures, landmarks, and most of all the fantastic food from all over the world!

Yash Sheth

Finance Director

Yash is an incoming Gr.12 student who loves coding, cricket, playing the guitar, and robotics. Through Project Tech Conferences, Yash hopes to help young people gain exposure to the field of Computer Science.

Saskia Hambali

Marketing Director

Saskia is currently a grade 12 student who loves creating content and making media graphics. In her free time, she loves to hang out with friends downtown or have a night in with Netflix or youtube playing. She plans to study digital arts and/or media in her post-secondary education.

Shubham Patel

Operations Director

Shubham is a grade 12 student at Preston High School highly interested in academics, sports, chess and volunteering. Computer science is one of his recent interests and through PTC, he wants to get some experience running some tech events and make many friends.

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