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Visualize This!

PTC Vancouver's "Visualize This!" conference discussed the intersections of graphic design and technology. This conference featured experienced professionals working in UI/UX design and participants learned how to make a website from scratch!


Workshop 1

The conference started off with a UI/UX workshop led by Wren Liang. Wren is a third-year Computer Engineering student at the University of British Columbia and is a member of the UBC Launch Pad. Wren featured an iOS application and shared his insight on mobile applications and how they can benefit the world today.


After the first workshop commenced, PTC Vancouver welcomed Sarah Thompson, Sheldon Stenning, and Nelson Neto as Visualize This! panelists. Our panelists discussed a myriad of topics in UX/UI design and gave wonderful advice for attendees.

Keynote Speaker

The afternoon continues with a keynote presentation from April te Bulte. April, an experienced designer at R&G Strategic, discussed the logos, brand identities, corporate assets as well as websites that her team has designed. She talked about R&G Strategic’s focus on supporting clients with a strong mission for a more sustainable and socially responsible future. April also introduced the process of the design process at R&G Strategic and the role of the numerous teams within the company.

Workshop 2

“Visualize This!” was concluded with an informative workshop led by Bhairaw Aryan. Bhairaw is a second-year computer engineering student at the University of British Columbia. Passionate about building web and android applications and with experience in HTML, CSS, and React JS (frontend) and Nodejs, Express, MongoDB, Flask (backend), he guided the audience in creating a website with HTML and CSS. Bhairaw introduced various HTML tags and their functions as well as the steps to coding a responsive website with CSS.


Missed the event? Watch the full recap here!

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