Vancouver | Y2

Meet the PTC Vancouver Team!

From left to right:

Felicia Chung


Felicia is a grade 11 student at Killarney Secondary School with a passion in computer science and technology. After taking some computer science courses as electives, Felicia realized her passion for making things come alive with code. From doing coursework and participating in coding challenges, Felicia has worked with HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. She enjoys continuously learning every day to improve her coding skills and create better code. Felicia is eager to learn more about the software industry, participate in many more Hackathons, and hopes to pursue a degree in Computer Science after high school. She is super excited to be involved in PTC to share her passion for technology, help create opportunities for other youth, and dive deeper into computer science!

Ethan Hsu


Ethan is a grade 12 student at Eric Hamber Secondary School. He is passionate about physics and aspires to pursue a career in engineering. Through PTC, Ethan hopes to further expand his knowledge on computer science and spread the joy of coding to secondary school students. Outside of his academics, Ethan enjoys tutoring, dragon boating, and hiking all of the local mountains. He is very excited for all the skills he will learn in PTC.

Xingjian Wang

Logistics Director

Xingjian is a student that spends lot of his time on mathematics and computer science. Learning OOP in grade 10 gave him general views of how different programs interact and function together, and it has made him want to explore more of CS-relevant topics and concepts. Through PTC, Xingjian is willing to hopefully impact other people who are getting into tech (especially from the youth community), help them with a conference platform. On his free time, he likes to listen to music and watch anime.

Isabel Lew

Outreach Director

Isabel Lew is a high school senior in Vancouver, BC. She is passionate about technology and helping people find a passion for it as she has. She hopes to reach out to those who might not have had the opportunity to discover technology.

Annie Guan

Marketing Director

Annie Guan is the marketing director of PTC Vancouver, and will be going into grade 12 for the 2020-2021 school year! Annie joined PTC as she believes the importance of technology in the future, and wishes to bring any and all opportunities to youth in her region.

Alicia Lay

Finance Director

Alicia Lay is currently in grade 11 and taking her courses on VLN. She is passionate about extending her knowledge of technology and wants to inspire others to do the same as well. As high schools do not always have classes on this topic, she believes that it is important to provide students with opportunities like these.

Jessica Tang

Sponsorships Director