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Meet our Y3 PTC Vancouver Executive Team!

Jessica Tang


Jessica is a grade 12 student at Fraser Heights Secondary, concurrently studying computer science at her local university. Her passion for computer programming and artificial intelligence started growing ever since she started learning Python in grade 10. She channels her passion into projects, research, and contributions to her community! Outside of STEM, Jessica loves songwriting, reading, and learning new musical instruments. Since the next generation makes up our future leaders, she believes it is crucial to encourage and nurture interest in computer science and AI. Jessica is so excited to contribute to an amazing cause through her experiences and passion for computer science at Project Tech Conferences.

Alicia Lay


Alicia Lay is currently in grade 11 and taking her courses on VLN. She is passionate about extending her knowledge of technology and wants to inspire others to do the same as well. As high schools do not always have classes on this topic, she believes that it is important to provide students with opportunities like these.

Xingjian Wang

Logistics Director

Xingjian is a student that spends lot of his time on mathematics and computer science. Learning OOP in grade 10 gave him general views of how different programs interact and function together, and it has made him want to explore more of CS-relevant topics and concepts. Through PTC, Xingjian is willing to hopefully impact other people who are getting into tech (especially from the youth community), help them with a conference platform. On his free time, he likes to listen to music and watch anime.

Jenny Lan

Operations Director

Jenny is a grade 12 student at Eric Hamber Secondary School. In school, Jenny enjoys sciences and math courses and has taken an engineering and coding course this summer. She is fascinated by consumerism behaviours and the human factors in business and hopes to pursue a program that combines her interests in business and STEM in the near future! Outside of school, Jenny actively gives back to the community; regularly volunteering at a senior centre, pharmacy, and homeless bread donation. Aside from this, Jenny is a VP Marketing of YouthTalkNation, Founder of The Diverstory project, Host of Under the Same Sky Podcast, president of Girls Will Stay Club, and most importantly, Operations Director of PTC Vancouver. She is passionate about youth empowerment and social justice issues, and looks forward to making a direct impact on her community, as well as the next generation of student leaders!

Sophia Don Tranho

Marketing Director

Sophia is an aspiring STEM student finishing up her final year at Killarney Secondary School. Hoping to pursue a major in the CS field, she actively participates in multiple programming events and is an AI4ALL Scholar and Technovation Alumni. Using her graphic design experience, she hopes she can encourage others to take an interest in technology using her position as PTC Vancouver's Marketing Director. Aside from STEM, she's happy to strike a conversation about anime and video games while drinking bubble tea!

Chandhana Nambiar

Finance Director

Chandhana is a grade 12 student completing the IB diploma program at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School. She loves to go hiking with friends, play the piano, and dance. She is also an active member in her community, volunteering at her local neighbourhood centre and tutoring at her piano studio, among other things. Her passion for technology was sparked by her father, who is an engineer. This passion only grew as she gained more exposure to the possibilities and opportunities available in this field. Through Project Tech Conferences, Chandhana hopes to share this passion with fellow youth.

Talia Feng

Sponsorships Director

Going into my senior year at Fraser Heights Secondary, I hope to study biomedical engineering beyond high school. I enjoy working in collaborative groups to solve challenging problems. Holding leadership positions in a variety of organizations ranging from the humanitarian FH Red Cross Club, social CAHSMUN Horizons, and pragmatic Hack+Policy Foundation, I have had the pleasure of learning and working with a variety of individuals, augmenting my own skillset in the process. Feel free to reach out to me should you have questions about the organizations I work with!

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