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Canadian University Panel

It has reached the time of the year where graduating high school students are faced with the daunting decision of choosing their university! With all that is going on, students may find it difficult to access the necessary resources to help them reach a proper decision.

On Saturday, May 16th, PTC Waterloo hosted a University Information Panel, a wonderful opportunity to help students gain insight to different universities in Canada. We were glad to have representatives from the following universities:

  • University of Toronto

  • University of Waterloo

  • University of British Columbia

  • University of Guelph

  • McMaster University

  • Queen’s University

Together, we were able to answer many questions that the students had for each university, ranging from program-specific questions to the student life at a particular university.

Tune in on the full panel here:

With tickets selling out on Zoom in less than a day, we knew there were more students who were eager to attend the panel, so we also brought the panel to YouTube Live. We hope that this panel was able to help students come to a decision, and we aim to bring more online events in the following months. Be sure to stay tuned for upcoming conferences in the following months!

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