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University Panel

Over the course of 1.5 hours on October 24th, 2020, PTC Outreach hosted a panel of 5 university students from different technology-oriented programs. The panelists answered questions ranging from describing their own journeys in technology to the specific details of their programs, and of course, gave out excellent advice for high school students aiming to pursue careers in technology. This session came just in time for the university application season, so our panelists’ wisdom was especially useful for the university applicants exploring their options. Check out the full panel below and get some of that wisdom for yourself!


Our amazing panelists

Brandon Ye

2nd Year @ Queen's, Computing

Ruwani De Alwis 2nd Year @ uOttawa, Software Engineering

Theo Wang

3rd Year @ uWaterloo, Computer Science Jennifer He

2nd Year @ uWaterloo, Systems Design Engineering

Ansel Hartanto 5th Year @ UBC, Business and Computer Science


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