Trek Into Biotech

From January 30th to the 31st, PTC Toronto held their first conference ever conference virtually on biotechnology. Roughly 100 registrants were invited to attend keynote sessions from leading researchers and biotechnology titans, ask guest speakers any questions, and attend workshops from current students studying biotechnology related programs.

Day 1

Keynote Speaker #1

Prof Elaine Biddiss

Elaine Biddiss University of Toronto Professor, and researcher at Holland Bloorview started off Trek into Biotech with a keynote presentation on her research based on therapeutic games like bootle blast, screenplay, and bootle band. Professor Biddiss also discussed how she designs innovative technologies that create possibilities for young people with disabilities to participate more enjoyably and effectively in arts, music, physical activities and therapies.

Keynote Speaker #2

Daniella Lato

Daniella Lato, a PhD candidate at McMaster studying bioinformatics provided an in depth presentation about bioinformatics and the intersection of technology and life science and biology. Ms. Lato also gave students resources on how they can jumpstart their careers as bioinformaticians and shared insights on life as a PhD student as well as useful tips for current high school students.

Technical Workshop #1

Led by Cassidy Rose

Cassidy Rose a biomedical engineering student at Ryerson University. She put together a workshop on Biomedical Equipment and Prosthetic Design. Afterwards she answered several questions about being a biomedical engineering student and gave all participants some tips for the future if they decide to pursue biomedical engineering!

Technical WOrkshop #2

Led by Amin Noor