Toronto | Y2

Introducing the Y2 PTC Toronto executive team:

Aminah Rizwan


Aminah is a grade 11 student at Emily Carr Secondary School. She has always been interested in science, but only recently became involved in computer science. She is particularly interested in utilizing technology to make healthcare faster and more accurate, as well as making it more accessible to all people. Growing up in four different countries, Aminah saw the disparity in quality of life between different socioeconomic groups, and vowed to do something about it. Her life is all about helping people, which is why she joined PTC - to introduce her community, especially underrepresented and underprivileged youth, to the world of tech. In her free time, she enjoys going on hikes with friends, swimming, and reading.

Luke Blommesteyn


Hi! I'm Luke and I am one of the Co-President's for PTC Toronto. I enjoy running, eating and coding. I also like building things and solving problems so I hope to study and pursue a career in engineering after secondary school. Fun fact about me - The Office is my favourite show and I've watched it over 6 times.

Vivian Feng

Logistics Director

Vivian is a student at Earl Haig Secondary School. She is a passionate learner towards all kinds of subjects in STEM. Through PTC, she hopes to encourage more youths like herself to pursue in this field. In her free time, she enjoys watching anime, playing music, and learning new languages. Since she travels very often, she is also intensely in love with photography.

Timurul Hoque Kazi

Outreach Director

Timurul is a student at Turner Fenton Secondary School in Brampton. He was thrust into the world of tech in grade 9 when his friends dragged him to a hackathon - since then, his interest in coding and other aspects of STEM has only grown. Aside from those, his interests span the range from design to videogames to D&D to KPop and beyond. Joining PTC in 2020, he's proud to help spread the love of coding and technology, and expose new people to this community.

Aricia Chan

Marketing Director

Aricia is currently a grade 9 student at St.Robert CHS. As a young child, she was drawn to the visual arts, specifically, media and graphic design. This passion developed as she grew older. She frequently designs posters for her school clubs and extracurriculars and wants to put her skills to good use through PTC. Aricia believes that technology is integrating quickly with the world, and the rate at which technology develops will only accelerate in the years to come. Through PTC, she hopes to help youth spark an interest for technology and programming. Aside from drawing, Aricia enjoys playing volleyball, coding, and baking macarons.

Ethan Zhao

Finance Director

Ethan is a grade 9 student currently at St Robert CHS. His passion in STEM stems from when he was in grade 4 and asked the math teacher "But why?" Since that enlightening day Ethan's passion for discovery and innovation has only grown. Aside from his thirst for knowledge, Ethan likes automating tasks through coding and robotics as well as taking long hikes through nature. Through PTC, he hopes to spread his interest in the endless pursuit of knowledge to others.

Karina Florea

Sponsorships Director

Karina is a grade 10 student at Thornhill Secondary School in Markham. Although her interests lie outside of STEM, she loves working with new people of different interests, inspiring her to join PTC. Karina is very passionate about education, social justice, and change; she'll never say no to a conversation. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering, playing bass guitar, and taking care of her seven plants. Karina is very excited to see what her future with PTC has in store.