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Introducing the Y3 PTC Toronto executive team!

Aminah Rizwan


Aminah is a grade 12 student at Emily Carr Secondary School.

Vivian Feng


Vivian is a grade 12 student at Earl Haig Secondary School. She has always had a deep interest in the STEM field, with now a particular passion for interdisciplinary studies such as fintech and cognitive science. Alongside STEM, Vivian enjoys photography, music, and learning new languages. Through PTC, she strives to bring more exciting and rewarding events to youths in the community and worldwide who seek resources or wish to foster interest in technology.

Karina Florea

Logistics Director

Karina is a grade 10 student at Thornhill Secondary School in Markham. Although her interests lie outside of STEM, she loves working with new people of different interests, inspiring her to join PTC. Karina is very passionate about education, social justice, and change; she'll never say no to a conversation. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering, playing bass guitar, and taking care of her seven plants. Karina is very excited to see what her future with PTC has in store.

Megha Patel

Operations Director

Megha is a grade 10 student from Markham District High School. Over just a week she has developed a huge passion for coding, and she dedicates her time every day on it. In her free time she loves to do Bharatanatyam dancing that she has been doing for 5 years. She also loves to volunteer, research more about business and tech, watch action movies, and do embroidery line art. Megha has also started her own organization called Hand In Hand with her friend that focuses on student's relationships and making an impact in the world. She believes that she can learn so much from all the members of PTC, and is really excited to work with everyone!

Aricia Chan

Marketing Director

Aricia is currently a grade 10 student at St.Robert CHS. As a young child, she was drawn to the visual arts, specifically, media and graphic design. This passion developed as she grew older. She frequently designs posters for her school clubs and extracurriculars and wants to put her skills to good use through PTC. Aricia believes that technology is integrating quickly with the world, and the rate at which technology develops will only accelerate in the years to come. Through PTC, she hopes to help youth spark an interest for technology and programming. Aside from drawing, Aricia enjoys playing volleyball, coding, and baking macarons.

Ethan Zhao

Finance Director

Ethan is a grade 10 student currently at St Robert CHS. His passion in STEM stems from when he was in grade 4 and asked the math teacher "But why?" Since that enlightening day Ethan's passion for discovery and innovation has only grown. Aside from his thirst for knowledge, Ethan likes automating tasks through coding and robotics as well as taking long hikes through nature. Through PTC, he hopes to spread his interest in the endless pursuit of knowledge to others.

Nadish Reddy Madadi

Sponsorships Director

Nadish is a Grade 12 student attending Port Credit Secondary School. He has a passion towards programming and collaborating with others to make big ideas come true. Nadish also has a particular interest towards the STEM field as he dedicates his time toward improving his knowledge on engineering and mathematics. Within school Nadish leads several clubs that both enhance technical and professional skills within students to better prepare them for the future. Also, he not only limits himself to his school as he continues to explore new opportunities within his community and hopes to make a positive impact with his time at PTC!

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