Thinking in 3D: A Conference on VR

On December 12th-13th, 2020, Project Tech Conferences Ottawa held its first virtual conference titled “Thinking in 3D: A Conference on VR”.

This conference highlighted the importance of VR in the various aspects of our life. Through three amazing guest speakers, as well as a tech demonstration, spread out throughout the two days, attendees were able to gain insight into what developments were made in the field.

day 1

Keynote speaker 1

Professor Anil Somayaji

Our first speaker, Professor Somayaji, delivered a talk on operating systems titled ‘Process Confinement & Beyond.’

Professor Somayaji is a researcher and associate professor at the Carleton University. He specializes in computer modelling and computer security. His early work focused intently on the human immune system’s defense mechanisms and how these biological qualities could be replicated to improve computer software. His more recent research delves into the importance of diversity in software. His work aims to explain how this is a strategy different from standard address space layout randomization and how it should be integrated into new software.

Keynote speaker 2

Matt Thomas

Afterwards our second speaker, Matt Thomas from SimWave Consulting, gave a presentation on the uses of VR for training in various industries. He then provided a quick demonstration of one of his projects.

Matt is the Head of Business Development at SimWave Consulting. He began with the company at its inception, with its early roots of developing mobile apps for consumer use. Since then Matt has guided the company to grow into the immersive digital software house that it is today. Matt focuses on developing the day to day business with new and existing clients, project management, marketing, and more. He takes pride in his ability to build long lasting relationships with clients and partners that have lasted year.

day 2