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Tech committee | Y3

Meet the tech team!

Danny Zhang

Coding Challenge Lead

Danny is a freshman at the University of Waterloo. In his spare time, he enjoys playing blitz chess, biking, and listening to all sorts of music. Danny is eager to use his experience in competitive programming to help with the PTC Coding Challenge in order to help excite and inspire younger students in coding.

Angela Chen

Project Lead

Angela is a senior at Earl of March Secondary School. Ever since learning Java in grade 10, she has since went on to learn and become proficient in C++, HTML, CSS, Python, and Swift. She hopes to continue furthering her coding skills and is currently exploring machine learning. Her responsibilities include developing Outreach curriculum and overseeing the regional Outreach Directors. Through PTC, Angela aims to provide to youth tech opportunities, especially to underrepresented communities in the industry. In her free time, she loves to teach Java, listen to music, and spend time with friends.

Youngjun Lee

Project Lead

Veer is a Junior at Turner Fenton Secondary School and is attending the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. He is experienced in programming, mathematics, data science, and artificial intelligence. He has also attended academic programs with UWaterloo, UofT, and Stanford in the computer science field. Veer hopes to share his knowledge and allow students to explore technology with confidence and excitement!

Veer Sandhu

CC Coordinator

Lucine is an editor for the Newsletter Committee at PTC. She loves all STEM subjects and especially loves to code, read books & listen to music. She plans on becoming a biomedical engineer one day.

Aidan Lao

CC Coordinator

Aidan Lao is a grade 12 student attending Sinclair Secondary School in Whitby, Ontario. He is an aspiring software engineer and pianist, and has always enjoyed creating things and making an impact -- whether it be through code, music, or volunteering. In his spare time, Aidan teaches piano privately, and enjoys collaborative piano work. Outside of music, Aidan is a passionate coder and freelance web designer. He is the founder and president of his high school's coding club and is also actively serving his community as co-director of Future Majority, a nationally recognized youth organization in Canada.

Selina Ou

Front End Developer

Selina is a grade 12 student who is currently attending Earl of March Secondary School. Some of her favourite pastimes include baking, playing badminton, watching anime, and gaming. Through Project Tech Conferences, Selina hopes to expand her knowledge regarding the world of computer science!

Jayanti Upadhyay

Backend Developer

Jayanti is a first-year Computer Engineering student at the University of Waterloo. When she is not reading a book, she is either trying out new recipes or going on hikes. Growing up, she has always been fascinated with the technology around her, from 3D printers to MRI scans. She fosters an innate curiosity about the cool things that we can do with programming and engineering. Combined with her passion for STEM and helping others, she believes in engineering for humanity and that is why she joined PTC!

Seneli Seneviratne

Full Stack Developer

Seneli is a third year undergraduate student at Carleton University studying computer systems engineering. When she's not studying or worrying about internships, you can usually find her reading a book, scrolling instagram or watching anime. Last time she updated this, she was watching JJBA, but she's really bad at finishing shows so we'll see if she ever finishes it.

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