Ready, Set, Game

From January 15th to the 17th, PTC Waterloo held their first conference of 2021 on the topic of gaming with roughly 80+ registrants entirely virtual. Through the conference’s central hub on Discord, attendees were able to connect with one another and the ambassadors in real-time, play mini-games throughout the conference, ask conference guests any questions, and access some resources provided by the guests.

Day 1

Keynote Speaker #1

Our conference kicked off with a keynote presentation by Brad Bass, University of Toronto professor and researcher on the Nobel Peace Prize co-recipient Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change team of 2007. His unique presentation touched base on using the

COBWEB simulation software to explore

theories about our place in the universe in terms of identifying whether or not we can prove if we’re living in a simulation, specifically in terms of game theory.

Keynote Speaker #2

Jeffrey Pidsadny, a professor and program coordinator in the Game Level Design program of Sheridan College provided an insightful presentation about the process of game development, release, monetization, and how to get involved on an academic level. Professor Jeffrey Pidsadny also answered questions regarding which resources to explore for

those interested in learning how to develop their own games and provided insight into what it is like working on game development projects.

Technical Workshop