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PEI | Y3

Meet our Y3 PTC PEI Executive Team!

Lisa Nguyen


Lisa is a grade 12 student at Charlottetown Rural High School in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Her interests lie in the arts and she is an enthusiastic learner who enjoy developing new skills.

Teresa Ngo

Finance Director

Teresa is a 12th grader student at Charlottetown Rural High School. She interests in the sciences and usually spends her free time with family and friends. Through PTC, Teresa aspires to develop new skills and better herself in tech. She is looking forward to the upcoming year with PTC and all the new things she'll learn.

Jane Nguyen

Marketing Director

As a young student currently attending high school, Jane hopes to learn and expand her knowledge from other experienced peers and seniors. Jane loves playing music, doing arts and studying new things. Gladly joining the Project Tech Conferences, she commits to do as most in her ability to gather as many students as she could and help them gaining interest in the computer science world. Jane really is excited to join this community and see the progress of PTC!

Kalan Rattray

Logistics Director

Kalan is a grade 11 IB student at Charlottetown Rural High School with interests in Composition, Programming, and Gaming.

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