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Podcast Committee | Y3

Meet the team behind PTC's Podcast, In Query!

Cyrus Choi

Audio Producer

Cyrus is a student at Markville SS. He enjoys playing piano, cello and volunteering around the city. In his free time, he enjoys biking, hiking, and badminton. Cyrus hopes to help educate students about the vast world of computer science and technology through Project Tech Conferences.



Annie is a computer science student at the University of Waterloo who loves coding, making music, creating art, and meeting new people through volunteering around the community. Through Project Tech Conferences, Annie hopes to help high school and middle school students gain exposure to the world of computer science; she is so excited for the future of PTC!



Harry is an actuarial science/finance and statistics double major candidate at the University of Waterloo. Apart from filling out spreadsheets, he has also spent time as a public speaking instructor, a squadron deputy commander in the Air Cadets, and a mediocre chef. When he's not doing math, he likes to swim, play the piano, and watch videos of cats on the internet.



Apollo is an undergraduate student studying in the Bachelor of Commerce program at Queen’s University. Aside from spending time in breakout rooms and libraries, he loves learning about markets and cultures around the world. In addition to academic obligations, he is also responsible for volunteer and various club duties. In his leisure time, he enjoys singing, listening to classical music, and the accompaniment of his stuffed animals. He is very excited to explore the world of technology and finance during his time in academia.

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