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Outreach Core | Y3

Meet our Y3 Outreach Core Team!

Shkula Wardak

Workshop Lead

Shkula is a Computer Science student at the University of Ottawa and is passionate about helping others explore the world of programming and all its coolest applications! When she’s not studying, she’s doing aerial yoga at her local gym, tutoring elementary students in math and science, or exploring new parts of the city on her bike. She loves spending time outside in nature, dabbling in interior design, making her friends laugh, and tending to her numerous plants.

Luke Blommesteyn

Mentorship Lead

Luke is the Mentorship Lead for the Outreach Committee. Luke is a first year engineering student with Ivey AEO status to the Ivey School of Business. When he's not running, eating or coding Luke also likes to binge watch horror movies and anime on Netflix. Fun fact about Luke - The Office is his favorite show and he's watched it over 6 times.


Media Lead

Sarah is a 12th grade student at Earl of March Secondary School. Her interests lie in visual arts, media arts, and global fashion. She's been commissioned by international businesses to design logos and interior layouts. She's also worked with some amateur video editing. Currently, she is running a small commission business with a friend that specifically caters to independent companies on a tight budget. An enjoyable past-time for her is some idle chat about anything her conversation partner is passionate about. She's excited to be part of PTC and will work hard to help everyone succeed!

Farishtay Yousuf

Workshop Coordinator

Farishtay is currently in 2nd year, Software Engineering at Carleton University. She is passionate about robotics and aspires to be a Software Engineer. Her interest in engineering arose after her co-op placement in Ericsson, here in Ottawa. In Ericsson, she learned various software innovation techniques and 5G testing. From her experiences at co-op and organizing events it led to her interest as a Outreach Logistics Committee member at PTC. Her responsibilities in this role are to organize, promote and reach out to sponsors in all regions of PTC. By working in PTC she aims to give students the exposure to STEM fields and their future career pathway.

Maggie Chen

Workshop Coordinator

Maggie Chen is in grade 11 at Unionville High School in Markham, Ontario and a proud member of the Arts Unionville piano program. She loves anything and everything related to mathematics or technology and plans on pursuing a career in software engineering. In her spare time, you can find her banging away at the piano, listening to Classical music, pencil sketching, or holed up in a corner reading novellas.

Isabel Lew

Mentorship Coordinator

Isabel is a high school senior in Vancouver, BC. She is passionate about technology and helping people find a passion for it as she has. She hopes to reach out to those who might not have had the opportunity to discover technology.

Leo Tian

Mentorship Coordinator

Leo is a grade 12 student taking the IB Diploma. He loves tech and programming, especially web dev. Ever since learning programming around 2 years ago, he has been enchanted by the prospect of building websites and webapps. He also loves events coordination and the like. He is very happy to be part of PTC and is excited to bring tons of opportunities to you all!

Amy You

Media Coordinator

Amy is a junior student studying at Colonel By Secondary School. Since a young age, she has developed her passions for marketing, entrepreneurship and international business. She is excited to apply her hobbies in visual arts and design to her works at PTC. Amy is looking forward to experiencing advancing technology in the upcoming generation, and can't wait to help promote tech events for like-minded students who are willing to grow their hard and soft skills.

Anny Wei

Media Coordinator

Anny is a grade 12 student in the IB diploma program at Victoria Park CI, and an aspiring future CS student! In her natural habitat (aka, in her room with the accompaniment of relaxing lo-fi music), Anny can often be found reading web novels and manga. With a passion for both the arts and technology, she looks forward to working in PTC as a Media Coordinator!

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