Ottawa | Y2

Meet our Y2 PTC Ottawa Executive Team:

Rohan Vedula

Co-President Rohan is currently in grade 12 at Colonel By Secondary School. He has a growing interest in computer science and joined Project Tech Conference to help others experience the world of technology. Technology is an ever-growing field and he believes high schoolers can create great things through tech and hopes to help inspire others to take a step into the field. During his free time, Rohan can be found listening to music, biking, or trying to learn a new skill!

Joseph Zhang


Joseph Zhang is a grade 11 student at Colonel By Secondary School. He is a well-balanced student that demonstrates organization and responsibility through the events he participates in at school. Joseph has recently been experimenting in the world of coding and computer science, and is excited to further develop his understanding. Joseph also participates in many math events and programs from universities like Carleton to refine his abilities in math. Joseph is looking forward to working in the computer science department in future years which has led him to a role in this organization.

Shreya Voore

Logistics Director

Hi! I'm a Senior IB student at Colonel By Secondary School. My passions are computer science and software engineering, however I am also interested in the humanitarian aspect of the two. My hobbies consist of coding, robotics, and dance, and I'm also the head executive of the Environmental Activism club at my school. I hope to gain experience, knowledge, and valuable connections during my time at PTC, and I can't wait to meet everyone!

Sairah Amuthan

Outreach Director

Sairah Amuthan is a senior at Colonel By Secondary School. She is passionate about Computer Science and Engineering. Her appreciation for logical problem-solving, patterns and structures have drawn her towards STEM-related courses in school. The immense diversity of the technology sector has interested Sairah from a young age. She has joined PTC to help others become part of the next generation of tech leaders. In her free time, Sairah enjoys programming, playing the violin, robotics, and volunteering in her community.

Jamie Tsai

Marketing Director

Jamie is a grade 12 student at Colonel By Secondary School. Since learning Python in grade 6, she has continued to learn Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and C++. She hopes to continue developing her proficiency in these languages in the future. When she's not occupied with extracurriculars and school work, Jamie enjoys listening to music, coding, doing math, and browsing UI & UX designs. Aside from this, she practices karate and plays the piano. She is excited to learn and develop her skills while working with PTC!

Kimberly Liang

Finance Director

Kimberly Liang is a grade 11 student at Lisgar Collegiate Institute with aspirations to work in the science and tech industry. She discovered her passion for computer science while learning Javascript as a child, and has since been striving to use her skills to solve real world problems. Outside of Project Tech Conferences, Kimberly spends her free time playing flute and violin, reading psychology books, and educating herself on global injustices. She feels that there is great value in funding technology innovations and seeks to help students in Ottawa gain exposure to coding and computer science.

Lawrence Ju

Sponsorships Director

I am a grade 12 student at Colonel By Secondary School who is passionate about computer science and software engineering. My passion inspired me to study programming in my spare time; leading me to learn JS, HTML and CSS, Java, Python, but mainly C++. Some other hobbies are practicing piano and playing chess on a competitive level. By working with PTC I hope to inspire others who share my same passion to learn more about computer science and its ever-growing importance.