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Meet the team behind The Array!

Apollo Lin

Chief Communications Officer

Apollo is an undergraduate student studying in the Bachelor of Commerce program at Queen’s University. Aside from spending time in breakout rooms and libraries, he loves learning about markets and cultures around the world. In addition to academic obligations, he is also responsible for volunteer and various club duties. In his leisure time, he enjoys singing, listening to classical music, and the accompaniment of his stuffed animals. He is very excited to explore the world of technology and finance during his time in academia.


Senior Editor

Lucy is a grade 12 student at Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary School in Waterloo. She is super into neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and is passionate about bridging the gap between the privileged and underrepresented minorities to provide equal opportunities in tech. As the Senior Editor, she works alongside the Newsletter Committee, overseeing the production of the monthly newsletter of PTC. In her free time, she loves to play instruments, sing, and volunteer. She also loves to spend time grabbing drinks with her friends, watching kdrama/tv shows and playing with her cat!

alexandria au

Newsletter editor

Alexandria Au is a grade 12 student at St Brother Andre Catholic High School. Over the years, her passion for animals, sustainability, and diversity has shaped her hope for a better world. If Alexandria is not volunteering, studying for competitions, or helping people study, she is playing jazz music on her electric guitar, snowboarding on a new trail, trying to solve another Agatha Christie mystery and most probably talking to her grandma on the phone.


Newsletter editor

Lucine is an editor for the Newsletter Committee at PTC. She loves all STEM subjects and especially loves to code, read books & listen to music. She plans on becoming a biomedical engineer one day.

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