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Newsletter | Y2

Meet the team behind The Array!

Apollo Lin

Chief Communications Officer

Apollo is an undergraduate student studying in the Bachelor of Commerce program at Queen’s University. Aside from spending time in breakout rooms and libraries, he loves learning about markets and cultures around the world. In addition to academic obligations, he is also responsible for volunteer and various club duties. In his leisure time, he enjoys singing, listening to classical music, and the accompaniment of his stuffed animals. He is very excited to explore the world of technology and finance during his time in academia.

Youngjun Lee

Technology Research Analyst

Youngjun is an undergraduate student at Queen’s University studying computer science student with a specialization in cognitive science. His interest in neuropsychology has led him to the programming world where he enjoys learning about the interactions between humans and computers. He hopes to bring a unique perspective to the newsletter team with his knowledge of the interdisciplinary field and help bring clarity to new buzzwords and technologies used in the tech industry. When he is procrastinating on schoolwork, he is often found listening to music, reading, or playing video games with friends.

Angela Xu

Director of Communications

Bio Coming Soon!


Senior Editor

Lucy is a grade 12 student at Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary School in Waterloo. She is super into neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and is passionate about bridging the gap between the privileged and underrepresented minorities to provide equal opportunities in tech. As the Senior Editor, she works alongside the Newsletter Committee, overseeing the production of the monthly newsletter of PTC. In her free time, she loves to play instruments, sing, and volunteer. She also loves to spend time grabbing drinks with her friends, watching kdrama/tv shows and playing with her cat!

Francis Cho


Francis is a grade 12 student at Colonel By Secondary School. As his interests lie primarily in the arts, what drew Francis to working with PTC was his desire to learn something new. He believes that exposure to new experiences is the fastest way to grow and hopes to put his need for attention to good use as the Social Media Manager. When not watching YouTube, he can be found watching Netflix, and he may occasionally play the saxophone as well.

Mihir Kamra


Mihir is a first year student at McMaster University. Mihir is fascinated by how much technology has evolved and how it’s inspiring everyone, including himself! Technology has shown him the potential of connecting his passion of neuroscience, with that of computers, all thanks to AI. He now aspires to pursue research that intersects both domains. Mihir wants to show everyone that our possibilities are endless with computers, and that they are the modern tools to help us advance our world.

Grace Zhang

Graphic Designer

Grace is a sophomore at Earl of March Secondary School with an interest in design. Starting from when she was in grade 2, she has been attending art classes and from that, she developed a passion for visual arts. When she learned about using design programs, such as photoshop, at school, it was like she had been introduced to a whole new world. Apart from improving her design skills, she enjoys reading books and watching Netflix. Grace is very excited to be working with PTC and hopes to help students learn more about technology!

Jenny Zhang

Graphic Designer

Jenny Zhang is a seventeen year-old high school student at Colonel By who is passionate about some of the world's newest emerging technologies. Jenny is also passionate for design as she has been drawing every since she was little. Outside of her academics and extracurriculars, Jenny enjoys drawing (of course), reading, and is currently struggling to learn how to play the guitar. Nonetheless, she is excited to share her admiration with tech and graphic design through PTC!

alexandria au

Newsletter editor

Alexandria Au is a grade 12 student at St Brother Andre Catholic High School. Over the years, her passion for animals, sustainability, and diversity has shaped her hope for a better world. If Alexandria is not volunteering, studying for competitions, or helping people study, she is playing jazz music on her electric guitar, snowboarding on a new trail, trying to solve another Agatha Christie mystery and most probably talking to her grandma on the phone.

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