Media | Y2

Meet our Y2 Media Committee!

Janice Liang

Chief Marketing Officer

Janice is a first year Medical Science student at Western University with Ivey AEO status to the Ivey School of Business. As a citizen in an increasingly technological world, she believes that technology is paving the path for our future. At PTC, she hopes to create an encouraging learning environment for students to discover their passion for computer science and technology. As the CMO, she works alongside the Media Committee to create a positive and interactive online presence for the organization. Some of her favourite pastimes include baking, volunteering, and fitness. She loves traveling, outdoor adventures, and playing with her dog Benji!

Jenny Zhang

Graphic Designer

Jenny Zhang is a seventeen year-old grade 12 high school student at Colonel By who is passionate about some of the world's newest emerging technologies. Jenny is also passionate for design as she has been drawing every since she was little. Outside of her academics and extracurriculars, Jenny enjoys drawing (of course), reading, and is currently struggling to learn how to play the guitar. Nonetheless, she is excited to share her admiration with tech and graphic design through PTC!

Nicole Ao

Graphic Designer

Nicole is a grade 10 student attending Merivale high school. Starting from a young age she has always enjoyed the concept of visual art and graphic designing and was intrigued by the fascinating world of colours, exotic shapes, and artistic perceptions. During her free time, she indulges in journalling activities and enjoys creating collage pieces from magazine cutouts. Besides designing, Nicole engages in active activities such as fencing and fitness and is constantly accompanied by relaxing tunes. Nicole is excited to explore her passion alongside PTC and is eager to help students familiarize themselves with technology!

Grace Zhang

Graphic Designer

Grace attends Earl of March Secondary School and has an interest in design. Starting from when she was in grade 2, she has been attending art classes and from that she developed a passion for visual arts. When she learned about using design programs, such as photoshop, at school, it was like she had been introduced to a whole new world. Apart from improving her design skills, she enjoys reading books and watching Netflix. Grace is very excited to be working with PTC and hopes to help students learn more about technology!

Francis Cho

Social Media Manager

Francis is a grade 12 student at Colonel By Secondary School. As his interests lie primarily in the arts, what drew Francis to working with PTC was his desire to learn something new. He believes that exposure to new experiences is the fastest way to grow and hopes to put his need for attention to good use as the Social Media Manager. When not watching YouTube, he can be found watching Netflix, and he may occasionally play the saxophone as well.

Jenna Xiao

Production Editor

Jenna is a Grade 11 student from Colonel By Secondary School. She fell in love with the concept of graphic design when she was first introduced to the world of Photoshop. Combined with her interest in art and photography, her passion drove her to teach herself the skills needed to turn a photo into a masterpiece. On her free time, she scrolls through countless UI & UX designs, colour palettes and website designs for inspiration. Outside of exploring new designs, Jenna is passionate about volleyball and enjoys filmmaking and video editing. In PTC, she hopes to improve her skills in design and create eye-catching content that will lead students to participate in their remarkable conferences.

Keisha Ding

Director of Communications

Keisha is a first year media student at Western University. Although she's more interested in the arts, Keisha was drawn by PTC's innovative ideas and it's involvement in introducing people to technology. With the desire to continue to learn and gain experience, while also finding a place to apply her new found knowledge from her program, she does this by taking on the responsibilities of Director of Communications. When she's not sleeping or eating or watching Netflix, she enjoys playing the occasional golf when the weather is nice.