Marketing | Y3

Meet our Y3 Marketing Committee!

Emily Mo

Social Media Lead

Emily is a first-year student at the University of Waterloo in the Accounting and Financial Management program. She enjoys visual arts and being creative in her free time.

Keisha Ding

Communications Lead

Keisha is a second-year media student at Western University. Although she's more interested in the arts, Keisha was drawn by PTC's innovative ideas and it's involvement in introducing people to technology. With the desire to continue to learn and gain experience, while also finding a place to apply her newfound knowledge from her program, she does this by taking on the responsibilities of the Communications Lead. When she's not sleeping or eating or watching Netflix, she enjoys playing the occasional golf when the weather is nice.

Connie Wang

Production Lead

Connie is a first year computer science student at the University of Waterloo. Since her discovery of coding last year, she has added JavaScript, Python, React Native, React JS HTML, and CSS to her toolkit. In her spare time, Connie can be found outdoors with a camera in hand, playing volleyball with her friends, or conversing in one of her four languages. As a dance cover creator herself, she understands the joy of connecting with her audience through enjoyable and authentic content. Connie believes her passion and skills can contribute to the growth of PTC's social media accounts.

Jasmine Virdee

Content Coordinator

Jasmine is a grade 12 student in the IB program at Colonel By Secondary School. She has a passion for both technology and business, and hopes to pursue them as a career. In her free time, Jasmine can be found reading, baking banana bread, or taking photos outside. She has lived in many countries around the world, and hopes to bring her international experience to PTC.

Nicole Ao

Design Coordinator

Nicole is a grade 11 student attending Merivale high school. Starting from a young age she has always enjoyed the concept of visual art and graphic designing and was intrigued by the fascinating world of colours, exotic shapes, and artistic perceptions. During her free time, she indulges in journalling activities and enjoys creating collage pieces from magazine cutouts. Besides designing, Nicole engages in active activities such as fencing and fitness and is constantly accompanied by relaxing tunes. Nicole is excited to explore her passion alongside PTC and is eager to help students familiarize with the idea of technology!

Jamie Xiao

Design Coordinator

Jamie is a grade 10 student at Merivale High School.