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Intro To HTML/CSS Workshop

On Thursday, May 7th, PTC’s Outreach team delivered their first online workshop introducing web development in HTML and CSS to beginner programmers. The workshop encouraged participants to create their own portfolio website, an important tool for those in the web development industry to show off their skills!

After reviewing the most important components that all portfolio websites should include, participants learned about the building blocks of the World Wide Web and how their browser interacts with HTML & CSS. After that, they got started on their first few lines of code!

Following along with our workshop facilitators, students began by setting up their workspace and loading up their index.html file. After an informative lesson on HTML, CSS and some helpful demos, participants were given time at the end of the workshop to try their hand at web development, with the assistance of the workshop leads.

HTML & CSS were taught, valuable programming advice was shared courtesy of our workshop facilitators, and participants walked away with the knowledge of a neat new skill. All in all, a success for PTC Outreach’s first online workshop venture!

Missed out on this workshop? Watch the full session here:

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