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Intro to Git and Github

On Thursday, March 18, 2021, PTC Outreach hosted a workshop focused on teaching students what version control systems (VCS) are, how to use Git and their terminal, and how to use GitHub.


The goal

The goal of this workshop was to introduce students to version control systems and how to use the command line. In this workshop, the outreach team went over how to create a simple repository and how to collaborate with others on your code!

Version control system

Version Control System allows multiple developers to work on the same project and manages changes over time. Git is a version control system that helps you track changes in your code during development.

Other tools

Other tools can be inconvenient and can limit the potential of whatever you are working on. That is why is important to have a tool that can keep track of our code and allow us to collaborate easily with our team members


With that, Intro to Git & Github came to an end - thanks to everyone who came out to support!


Missed the conference? Check out the full recording below.

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