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Envisioning in VR

Thank you to everyone who attended PTC Vancouver’s first outreach event, “Envisioning in VR”, on October 22, 2021! Virtual reality is an emerging industry that focuses on technology and creativity to be useful and fun for all demographics. Due to the pandemic, travelling has been limited and many have not been able to go on vacation. During the workshop, participants learned to use HTML to create their own VR vacation world inside their computers, using the ‘A-Frame’ framework. With live and interactive walkthroughs, host-to-student guidance, we hope the workshop was an enjoyable introduction to virtual reality. In addition to the main portion of the workshop, we incorporated simple introduction activities as well as challenges to accommodate all levels of experience. Another important portion of the workshop was “Free Time”, where attendees applied their newly-learned skills to create their own personal world, using their imagination and creativity.


Missed out? Full recording coming soon:

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