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Envisioning in VR

On Friday May 29th, to allow participants a chance to escape the real world for a second, the PTC team went on a vacation to the beach—a VIRTUAL vacation! Welcome to the Quarantine Travel Diaries, PTC Outreach’s second online workshop of the term. On this virtual vacation, participants created their own dream vacation scene in their browser using WebVR & A-Frame.

A-Frame is a WebVR framework created by developers Diego Marcos, Kevin Ngo & Don McCurdy, and maintained by its community. Its goal is to make the creation of VR experiences easy & accessible for all.

By using the A-Frame framework, and hosting their projects on Glitch, attendees were able to follow along with the workshop facilitator and build upon each element of the scene from the bottom-up using HTML code.

Before diving into the workshop: An Intro to Virtual Reality and other important terminology were essential to understanding the tools we were working with! Participants learned the basics of VR & its applications before moving onto testing out WebVR for themselves for the first time.

Each activity consisted of an essential part of their vacation experience. The first step was choosing a 360 photo of their chosen location. Next, the most important part, adding 3D entities! These shapes became the building blocks of their scene. Finally, animations, sounds and text!

At the end of the workshop, attendees got a chance to display their creativity and coding expertise by showing off their VR experiences with other participants. You can see some of the incredible projects that some attendees created in this post.

PTC Outreach had a blast creating and presenting this workshop, and participants had a blast creating their VR scenes! Check out the full session video down below to see what we did and how you can get started on your own personal VR world!

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