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Cyber Security Panel

With an ever-growing presence of technology in our day to day lives, cybersecurity is becoming increasingly relevant.

On Saturday, April 25th, PTC Ottawa was joined by three guest speakers for a panel on #Cybersecurity. Each panelist focused on one area:

  • Dr. Adou, a professor at Carleton University, shared his expertise in authentication & network security

  • Magno Logan, an Information Security Specialist at Trend Micro, spoke about application security and cloud security

  • Chris Whalen, Director of IT and Cyber Security at Solace, spoke on cryptography.

Watch the full panel here!

This sold-out event was the first in our monthly series; be sure to keep an eye out for more online events run by our conference committees over the months of April to July!

Did you know?

Some fun facts on cybersecurity:

Read more at!

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