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Coding Challenge Committee

Meet our Y3 Coding Challenge Team!

Danny Zhang

Coding Challenge Lead

Bio coming soon!

Veer Sandhu

Coding Challenge Coordinator

Veer is a Junior at Turner Fenton Secondary School and is attending the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. He is experienced in programming, mathematics, data science, and artificial intelligence. He has also attended academic programs with UWaterloo, UofT, and Stanford in the computer science field. Veer hopes to share his knowledge and allow students to explore technology with confidence and excitement!

Aidan Lao

Coding Challenge Coordinator

Aidan Lao is a grade 12 student attending Sinclair Secondary School in Whitby, Ontario. He is an aspiring software engineer and pianist, and has always enjoyed creating things and making an impact -- whether it be through code, music, or volunteering. In his spare time, Aidan teaches piano privately, and enjoys collaborative piano work. Outside of music, Aidan is a passionate coder and freelance web designer. He is the founder and president of his high school's coding club and is also actively serving his community as co-director of Future Majority, a nationally recognized youth organization in Canada.

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