Coding Challenge Committee

Meet the team behind our Coding Challenge!

Danny Zhang

Operations Director

Danny is a student at Colonel By SS. In his spare time, he enjoys playing blitz chess, biking, and listening to all sorts of music. Danny is eager to use his experience in competitive programming to help with the PTC Coding Challenge in order to help excite and inspire younger students in coding.

Jamie Tsai

Chief Technology Officer

Jamie is a grade 12 student at Colonel By Secondary School. Since learning Python in grade 6, she has continued to learn Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and C++. She hopes to continue developing her proficiency in these languages in the future. When she's not occupied with extracurriculars and school work, Jamie enjoys listening to music, coding, doing math, and browsing UI & UX designs. Aside from this, she practices karate and plays the piano. She is excited to learn and develop her skills while working with PTC!