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Calgary | Y3

Meet the team behind Calgary events!

Sunny zhang


Sunny is a grade 11 Full IB student at Western Canada High School in Calgary! Sunny is super into robotics and has been involved in FIRST for the past 5 years



Akshat is a Grade 12 student studying at Sir Winston Churchill High School. After being introduced to the world of technology through a Computer Science Elective, Akshat has developed a strong passion for tech and its boundless possibilities. He hopes to pursue a career in Computer Engineering after high school. In his free time, Akshat enjoys competing in public speaking activities, playing team sports, and volunteering.

Andy liu

Finance Director

Andy is currently a student at Sir Winston Churchill completing the IB Diploma Program. In his spare time, Andy likes to watch movies, cook, as well as enjoy the great outdoors! He is looking forward to the upcoming year at PTC and being the Finance Director for the Calgary area!

Jessica Xu

Marketing Director

Jessica is a grade 11 student completing the IB Diploma program at Sir Winston Churchill High School. She is interested in coding, design, and media. Jessica enjoys playing volleyball and creating digital art in her spare time. She is excited to join PTC as the Marketing Director for the Calgary committee.

Lucy Chen

Sponsorship Director

Lucy is a grade 12 student currently attending Sir Winston Churchill High school. As a person who enjoys spending time at home, she loves to spend time with her family or watch Netflix in her room. On the weekends, you will most likely find Lucy at the public library or taking short walks in her neighbourhood. Lucy is very excited to take part in PTC and hopes to further her technology understanding throughout the upcoming year.

Zachary Ren

Logistics Director

Zachary Ren is currently a grade 12 student at Sir Winston Churchill High School. Zachary is going to be the Logistics Director for PTC Calgary starting in August, and he looks forward to sharing some wonderful experiences with everyone in the coming year (whether in or outside of Calgary).

Andrew Xu

Operations Director

Andrew is a grade 11 student completing the IB Diploma Programme at Sir Winston Churchill High School in Calgary. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys writing code, cooking, and playing volleyball. He hopes to continue developing his interest in computer science through this opportunity and is incredibly excited to join the PTC team for Y3!

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