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Meet the Y2 PTC Board:

Left to right:

Annie Zhang

Chief Executive Officer

Annie is a transfer student in the BBA/BCS double degree program at Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Waterloo. In her free time, Annie enjoys coding, playing the piano, creating art, and volunteering around the community. Through Project Tech Conferences, Annie hopes to help high school and middle school students gain exposure to the world of computer science; she is so excited for the future of PTC!

Harry Qu

Chief Financial Officer

Harry is an actuarial science/finance and statistics double major candidate at the University of Waterloo. Apart from filling out spreadsheets, he has also spent time as a public speaking instructor, a squadron deputy commander in the Air Cadets, and a mediocre chef. When he's not doing math, he likes to swim, play the piano, and watch videos of cats on the internet.

Apollo Lin

Chief Communications Officer

Apollo is an undergraduate student studying in the Bachelor of Commerce program at Queen’s University. Aside from spending time in breakout rooms and libraries, he loves learning about markets and cultures around the world. In addition to academic obligations, he is also responsible for volunteer and various club duties. In his leisure time, he enjoys singing, listening to classical music, and the accompaniment of his stuffed animals. He is very excited to explore the world of technology and finance during his time in academia.

Janice Liang

Chief Marketing Officer

Janice is a first year Medical Science student at Western University with Ivey AEO status to the Ivey School of Business. As a citizen in an increasingly technological world, she believes that technology is paving the path for our future. At PTC, she hopes to create an encouraging learning environment for students to discover their passion for computer science and technology. As the CMO, she works alongside the Media Committee to create a positive and interactive online presence for the organization. Some of her favourite pastimes include baking, volunteering, and fitness. She loves traveling, outdoor adventures, and playing with her dog Benji!

Jamie Tsai

Chief Technology Officer (Interim)

Jamie is a grade 12 student at Colonel By Secondary School. Since learning Python in grade 6, she has continued to learn Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and C++. She hopes to continue developing her proficiency in these languages in the future. When she's not occupied with extracurriculars and school work, Jamie enjoys listening to music, coding, doing math, and browsing UI & UX designs. Aside from this, she practices karate and plays the piano. She is excited to learn and develop her skills while working with PTC!

Enoch Cheng

Head of Conferences

Enoch Cheng has experience in guiding a team and planning conferences, and is currently serving as the Head of Conferences. He was also the President of the Ottawa Conference Committee in Y1 and is very excited to be a part of PTC’s continual growth. In his free time, he enjoys reading and playing the piano, as well as spending time with his friends; he is also very interested in engineering and aerospace.

Shirley Yang

Head of Outreach

Shirley is an undergraduate Computer Science student at the University of British Columbia. She is currently completing her co-op at Ericsson as a Software Tools Developer, learning about the newest cutting-edge technologies in the market. A STEM enthusiast who has always loved to get involved with science and tech outreach initiatives, she is incredibly excited to join the PTC Board as Head of Outreach. She’s happy to talk about anything tech, music and vinyl, culture/news podcasts, or where you can find the best coffee in town.

Jeanin Onisey

Head of Hackathons

Jeanin is a first year student at the University of Ottawa and is currently studying commerce. Her love for computer science began at a young age, making her first join PTC as a finance director for PTC Ottawa. Jeanin really enjoyed being part of PTC and wanted to give middle/high school students the chance to test their skills- leading her to become the Head of Hackathons for PTC. In her free time, Jeanin can be found reading, swimming or trying out new recipes to make!


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