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our Portfolios

At PTC, our operations are divided into 5 portfolios, each headed by a member of our Board. 

Read more about our portfolios below:


Our flagship event: a one-day conference on topics in technology


Our Conference Portfolio develops our flagship event: a day-long conference for high school and middle school students exploring topics in technology. During each conference, students have the opportunity to participate in interactive workshops, learn from keynote speakers, get their questions answered by industry professionals, and start building their network in the tech industry! 


This year, our annual conference will take place during Summer 2022 in Calgary, Ottawa, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, and Waterloo!


Small scale, community-focused events


Our Outreach Portfolio focuses on accessibility and reaching students from underrepresented communities and populations in the tech industry. This portfolio works in three divisions: workshops (small scale, one-off events), mentorship (organizing our annual mentorship program), and media. 


All of our outreach events will be available and free to attend for students in all of our regions!

Workshop (Outreach)


In Query Episodes and The Array Issues 


Our Publications Portfolio curates monthly content related to topics in technology through our newsletter and podcast.

In query

On In Query, we invite students, new grads, and industry professionals to chat about their journeys through tech. Tune in for two new episodes every month! 

  • Spotify
Google Podcast
Apple Podcast
the array

In The Array, we explore trending topics in tech and invite guests to write about their unique tech experiences.


Check back for a new issue on the 1st of each month! 


48 hour hackathon designed for high school and middle school students


Our Hackathon Portfolio aims to provide an insightful and meaningful opportunity for hackers looking to expand their networks and experiences. Our hackathons feature cases from organizations across North America and allows hackers to develop transferable skills through workshops, guest speakers, networking events and mentors which support students throughout their weekend of hacking. 


This year, our hackathons are scheduled for Winter 2022 with a hybrid model. Covid-alllowing, in person hacking will be available in Calgary, Ottawa, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, and Waterloo, along with a virtual option for all students. 


Post-secondary resources for graduating students


Our Education Portfolio strives to support students on their post-secondary endeavors by creating resources to help students learn more about post-secondary education options in technology and supporting them financially through our scholarship program. 


This year, our Education programming will focus on Canadian post-secondary institutions, but our scholarships (opening in Winter 2022) will be available to students across North America.

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