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Podcast Committee

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The Podcast Committee is our production committee for PTC’s Podcast, In Query. Our committee releases 2 episodes each month, featuring industry and student guests to share insight for the tech field and career for our audience. Together, we want to offer a holistic view of what an education and career would look like in technology. Currently, our program consists of three types of content:

  1. Various industry guests

  2. Tech entrepreneurial guests

  3. Tech student guests

We aim to enrich the next generation of aspiring tech professionals by helping them easily navigate through opportunities in tech.


  • Oversee other members (audio producer, co-hosts) on the podcast committee

  • Search for and reach out to potential guests for the podcast program

  • Make sure our podcast is on track with the publication schedule (2 episodes per month)


  • Excellent leadership skills

  • Superb communication skills, able to cold call/email guests

  • Connections within the tech industry is an asset

Estimated Time Commitment: 

1-2 hours a week

  • Use audio producing tools to edit the content and evaluate content pitches/volume/qualities from the hosts of the podcast

  • Communicate with the co-host to make edits to drafts of recordings


  • Interest in audio producing and podcasts

  • Experience in using audio producing/editing tools is an asset

Estimated Time Commitment: 

1-2 hours a week

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