outreach Core Committee

Applications open until 11:59 PM ET on May 30th


The Outreach Core Committee consists of the Head of Outreach and 3 technical leads – Workshop, Media, and Mentorship Leads. Our goal is to engage students of all backgrounds in tech! Our Outreach Portfolio runs small-scale, one-off events for students of various backgrounds and experiences with technology! Events are more frequent with a focus on accessibility and reaching students from underrepresented communities and populations in the tech industry. We create the curriculums and lesson plans for workshops, develop PTC’s media outreach presence (i.e. Youtube channel development), and facilitate PTC’s mentorship program. 


  • Works with regional directors to organize region-specific outreach events

  • Works with the Head of Outreach and under Workshops/Mentorship/Media lead to develop the outreach portfolio by acting as a bridge between the core team and the regional teams, seeking out the knowledge and experience of those students in each particular region

  • Works on workshop development, the PTC mentorship program, and media and Youtube development based on which lead they are operating under

  • Willing to reach out in a professional capacity to sponsors, partners, and school board officials to represent the region-specific outreach branch

  • Assists regional directors in other capacities and bridge the gap between central and remote committees

* Does not need to be located in the region they will work with

  • Prior experience in leadership and communication-based roles

  • Enrolled in high school

  • Some tech experience (if under the workshop lead) / experience in media (if under the media lead)


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