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Our Outreach Portfolio runs small-scale, one-off events for students of various backgrounds and experiences with technology! Events are more frequent with a focus on accessibility and reaching students from underrepresented communities and populations in the tech industry. We create the curriculums and lesson plans for workshops, develop PTC’s media outreach presence (i.e. Youtube channel development), and facilitate PTC’s mentorship program.



Works on research and development of outreach’s portfolio. This includes:

  • Reaching out to other organizations to develop partnerships to further our impact in underrepresented communities

  • Working with the head of outreach on research into outreach initiatives in the communities we operate in and how we can implement DEI practices in our space

  • Development of portfolio to aid other outreach leads in their initiatives

  • Development of target groups


  • Passion for tech outreach

Estimated Time Commitment: 

1-2 hours a week


This role would focus on further developing PTC’s mentorship portfolio and hosting our year-round mentorship program

  • Develop mentorship guide

  • Plan and host mentorship events (kickoff events, speaker events, networking/professional development events)

  • Reach out to speakers / individuals in industry in a professional capacity

  • Communicate and promote program and events externally and internally


  • Prior experience in similar roles where you’ve had to host and plan events is highly encouraged (i.e.: coordinator/director of school clubs, volunteering positions in planning events, experience with outreach initiatives, etc.)

  • Good communication and written skills (knows their audience, has had experience contacting people in a professional manner)

Estimated Time Commitment: 

1-2 hours a week


This role would focus on further developing PTC Outreach’s media portfolio, specifically our YouTube channel.

  • Develop guidelines and material for creative content (graphics, video, etc.)

  • Potentially work with software to edit video / graphics content (thumbnails, Day In the Life vlogs, podcast videos, etc.)

  • Research methodology on growing PTC’s platform


  • Prior experience with graphic design and video editing is preferred

  • Driven, detail-oriented person

Estimated Time Commitment: 

1-2 hours a week


This role would focus on further developing PTC’s workshop portfolio and moulding the curriculum for each of our educational workshops and events.

  • Develop the guides, educational materials, volunteer training materials, and “template” frameworks for events

  • Deliver and/or host two internal or external workshops events per year

  • Communicate and support other PTC teams when they use workshops content


  • Prior experience with teaching/content creation (documentation, powerpoint presentations, research) is preferable. Experience with working with students of all ages is an asset

  • Does not require a CS/tech background, but is preferable. Keenness to learn is valued.

  • Detail-oriented, good communication skills–can be asked to explain certain common concepts to evaluate these skills

Estimated Time Commitment: 

1-2 hours a week

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