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The Journal Committee is our publications committee for PTC’s Newsletters, The Array. The committee publishes monthly newsletters on hot topics in technology. Currently, our newsletter consists of 3-4 articles including the content on:

  1. Scope Articles:

    1. A comprehensive introduction to tech concepts and rising industry applications

  2. Insight Articles:

    1. Sharing a professional’s experience in the technology field and education

  3. PTC Bulletin:

    1. Sharing upcoming events hosted by PTC, announcements, and past event highlights

We aim to share insightful resources and first-hand experience by professionals in the tech industry to empower the next generation of aspiring tech professionals.


  • Oversee the monthly publication of the Journal

  • Lead weekly/biweekly committee meetings

  • Delegate tasks among committee members to produce newsletters and hold members accountable for the end product

  • Report to the HoP through weekly/biweekly meetings to communicate monthly topics and brainstorm future goals and vision


  • A strong background in tech would be considered an asset

  • Demonstrated leadership qualities

  • Strong communication skills

  • High school (gr. 10 - 12) or Undergraduate

Estimated Time Commitment: 

1-2 hours a week

  • Edit articles for the monthly newsletter

  • Work with the writer and the ret of the Newsletter Committee to publish 2-3 articles for each newsletter publication


  • Excellent writing and editing skills

  • Experience in writing and editing is considered an asset

Estimated Time Commitment: 

1 hour a week

  • Write an article for the monthly newsletter at PTC on a topic in technology

  • Break down interesting and complex concepts in tech into approachable language for the youth audience

  • Work with the editor and other team members to write 2-3 articles per monthly publishing schedule


  • Excellent writing skills

  • A strong interest in technology

  • Good communication skills

  • Experience in writing (e.g. blog articles, copywriting) is considered an asset

Estimated Time Commitment: 

1-2 hours a week

  • Design the cover for the newsletter

  • Organize and design the overall outline and format of articles and graphics

  • Work with the Senior Editor to brainstorm ideas to increase engagement rate of newsletters


  • Demonstrated excellent graphic design and creative art skills

  • Experience in graphic design is considered an asset

Estimated Time Commitment: 

1 hour a week


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