PTC Conferences

Our flagship event: a one-day conference on topics in technology. 

We host conferences twice a year in each of our regions. Through the full-day event, participants get to experience workshops, listen to keynote speakers, and network with professionals, to get a feel of what the tech industry is like.

We commit to delivering hands-on workshops, inspiring speakers, and an unforgettable experience at each one of our conferences! 

Upcoming events

Important Notice: Due to COVID-19, PTC has suspended all in-person events, including all conferences and outreach initiatives until  August 1, 2021 . We will continue to monitor the situation diligently and extend this period if needed. 

Although our in-person events are suspended, our conference committees will continue providing high-quality events online. We look forward to hosting you at our summer conferences, coming soon!

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What is a typical PTC conference like?

While conference schedules will vary by region, all of our conferences can be broken down into two sessions, with keynote speakers and a panel in the morning and workshops and a career development session in the afternoon. Watch our recap videos or view our past conferences to see more!

What will I need to prepare/bring?

As our conferences have moved online, all you need is access to a laptop! The Zoom link will be sent out ahead of time along with any software installation requirements via email prior to the conference day or walked-through during the event!

Where does my ticket fee go?

Your ticket fee first goes towards covering the cost of the conference. Any proceeds then go towards funding our operations including our Outreach events and our upcoming Scholarship Program.

I'm not in middle school or high school - can I still attend?

Everyone is welcome to attend our conferences, however, the event will be geared towards middle school and high school students.

I have another question!

Contact us now!

our conference regions

First launched in June 2019 in Ottawa, we've since expanded our conference regions to Waterloo, and Kingston (2019-2020) and have headed to Toronto and Vancouver for the 2020-2021 year! Check out our regional pages. Want to bring PTC conferences to your city? Contact us now. 

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