coding challenge

Annual four-week coding challenge.

What it is

Launched by our PTC Kingston team in Summer 2020, PTC's Coding Challenge is a 4-week challenge that is open to students in grade 12 and below across Canada to test their coding skills with new questions every week!

Participants are awarded tickets for their submissions and tickets are entered into a draw for the weekly prizes! Submissions are marked on accuracy, speed, and efficiency.

PTC 2020 Coding challenge is closed


I graduate(d) high school this spring. Am I eligible?

Yes, the challenge is open to all students in Kindergarten through Grade 12 in the most recent academic school year. For example, all students in K-12 in the 2019-2020 academic year are eligible for the 2020 challenge hosted in June-July.

Do I need to participate every week?

No, you can pick which weeks you'd like to participate in. However, please note that you must complete at least one challenge from week 1-3 in order to be eligible to win the grand prize at the end of week 4.

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